It’s Like a Whisper

It’s like a whisper

It’s Like a Whisper – Photograph courtesy of Gail_m

It’s Like a Whisper – the wind rustling through bare branches, the hushed tones of footprints in the snow…

”O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?” —Percy Bysshe Shelley

It’s Like a Whisper

It’s like a whisper,

The wind rustling through bare branches,

The hushed tones of footprints in the snow.

Winter’s voice…in the night is crystal clear;

Its chill stings the body from head to toe.

It’s like a whisper,

One can sense the heaviness in the air,

Green leaves turn to orange, yellow and brown,

No signs of life; all that was bright has faded away.

Winter’s howl beckons the respect of a crown.

It’s like a whisper,

Tiny, glistening snowflakes fall, hardly making a sound.

The cold has settled in, long nights linger on;

As winter’s white blanket covers the ground.

Felecia R. Weber 2018,

It’s like a whisper – Indeed winter is here!  Living in northwestern Pennsylvania will almost guarantee a long, cold season.  Just thinking about the lake effect snow sends a shiver up my spine!  Although I am not fond of the harsh weather that can make the next few months difficult to maneuver, winter does offer us a quiet kind of beauty…

”Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality.” —Andy Goldworthy

So far, we’ve had a least three heavy snowfalls here over the past month.  On those dark mornings, I was awakened by the delicate tapping of wind-strewn snowflakes on my bedroom windows.  When I peered into the night, through still sleep-filled eyes, indeed the scene was like a whisper.  The wind played a low, whirl of a melody, causing the bluster of snow to dance every which way in the air.  The glistening, white mounds grew silently, as the snow covered everything on the ground with it’s pristine shimmer.  What a sight to behold…truly a winter wonder…until I had to get out there and shovel the drive way!

May winter whisper a tale of beauty in your ears, and fill your eyes with magical delights…enjoy!

Peace and love,


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It’s Like a Whisper
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It’s Like a Whisper
It’s Like a Whisper - the wind rustling through bare branches, the hushed tones of footprints in the snow.