Meet Moby!

Meet Moby!

“Hi, my name is Moby!” Meet Moby, the adorable Black Lab mix pup who belongs to my lovely niece Alexia and nephew-in-law Andy.


Meet Moby!  He’s cute, always happy and sweet; he’s the most playful friend you’ll ever meet!

Meet Moby!

He’s cute, always happy and sweet;

He’s the most playful dog you’ll ever meet!

Meet Moby!

“Hmmm, I know I buried that bone somewhere around here!”

He’s such great company when his parents are away;

he’s just so irresistible, with him they’d rather stay!

Meet Moby!

“Aw, c’mon Mom, come back to bed and snuggle with Dad and me!”

Moby loves to play and he’s great at catching the ball;

he’s got the most adorable eyes; he’s truly loved by all!

Meet Moby!

“WIll you come outside and play with me?”

Yes, if you ever meet Moby, I know that you’ll agree,

you’ll find he’s a very special dog, who’s just as nice as can be.


Meet Moby!

“It was nice to meet you…have a good day!”

Poem by Felecia R. Weber 2014,  Photographs courtesy of my niece, Alexia Danielle.

“Calling all dog lovers!”

If you have a four-legged furry friend that you’d like to have featured in a poem on my blog, email your cutest pictures and a short bio to me, Felecia, at [email protected]

Hope to hear form you soon!

Peace and love,


Meet Moby!
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Meet Moby!
Meet Moby! He's cute, always happy and sweet; he's the most playful friend you'll ever meet!
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4 thoughts on “Meet Moby!

  1. Ethelda and Edward

    Lovely tribute to Moby agree with
    Everything said

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    1. Felecia Post author

      Thanks Mom…your “great-grand-dog” certainly is a precious furry friend!
      Love you,

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