To Be A Mother


“Young Mother Sewing,” 1900, Mary Cassatt. Image from a page of the 2013 Desk Calendar, courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store


To be a mother…what a wonderful gift we’ve all been given; there are some things that only a mother can give.

“Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” Proverbs 31:29

To Be A Mother

To be a mother is an awesome responsibility.

She carries the welfare of her children on her shoulders;

but there is no other weight she welcomes more to bear.

To be a mother requires a perception only she can display.

She knows what her children need before they are even aware;

she makes a way for them that will keep them safe from harm.

To be a mother is a role that is born out of an insatiable love.

She loves her husband and her children in distinct ways;

to experience a mother’s love is a gift that never ceases to give.

To be a mother is a privilege that she never takes for granted.

She does whatever it takes to nurture her family;  meeting their needs,

experiencing the joy of seeing them succeed in life is her welcome reward.

To be a mother takes the ability to love others unconditionally.

She is human and possesses all of the frailties that come along with that;

yet somehow she goes far beyond what is expected of her – she is a living inspiration to all.

Felecia R. Weber, 2014,

I dedicate this poem to all mothers, and most especially to my own.  Wishing you the happiest Mother’s Day ever Mommy…I love you!



To Be A Mother
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To Be A Mother
To be a mother…what a wonderful gift we've all been given; there are some things that only a mother can give.
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2 thoughts on “To Be A Mother

  1. Lew

    A beautiful tribute to Mother’s Day! I love your artwork too, thanks.

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    1. Felecia Post author

      Thanks Lew…my mother certainly is a precious gift to my sisters and me! :-). I love the works by Mary Cassatt also. I had the privilege of viewing some of her original paintings years ago at an exhibit held IN Boston, MA years ago.
      Peace and love,

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