On Trials

On Trials

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August 31, 2015

“Trials have a way of wearing us down until only the purest, most valuable qualities within us shine.” Felecia R. Weber, OntheWingofaDove.com

On trials – It is interesting how a conversation that I had with my dear friends this morning about the medieval sport of jousting, and later reading a comment about knights in shining armor, made me think about trials.  I suppose it wasn’t so much about trials, as what they are capable of producing.  Trials have a way of wearing us down until only the purest, and most valuable qualities within us shine.

Thinking more deeply about the transforming nature of trials, brought to mind the task of polishing silver.  Although it seems old-fashioned, and it is something that I rarely do, taking a tarnished metal object and turning it into a shiny treasure certainly illustrates what enduring and coming through a difficulty can do to an individual.  Similar to the darkened hue that tarnishes a few antique serving pieces that I polish and display for special holidays, going through a difficulty can bring a hidden ugliness or negativity that resides deep in inside the heart fast to the surface.

I’ve heard it said once that you can discern a lot about a person when they stub their toe, or when the hammer accidentally comes crashing down on their thumb, rather than the nail.  Sometimes what leaps out of a person’s mouth in an intensely painful moment isn’t very pretty. It isn’t until the pain subsides and healing begins, that the beauty of realizing that things could have been worse, or an unexpected act of kindness was shown that made the situation so much better radiates from us.  When I’ve faced times of trials, I often find that I’ve experienced so many blessings through those dark times, that I seem to shine more brightly during those particular times than any others in my life.

When you enter into times of trials, may your luster not be dulled for long…and may the beauty that comes out of those trials cause you to shine more brightly than ever before.

Peace and love,


On Trials
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On Trials
On Trials - Trials have a way of wearing us down until only the purest, most valuable qualities within us shine.
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