“Studies of a Young Woman,” 1870, Adolph Menzel. Image from a page of the 2015 Desk Calendar, courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store

Perspectives – My life’s perspectives are always changing, and challenging me to do more.

“Perhaps nothing helps us make the movement from our little selves to a larger world than remembering God in gratitude.  Such a perspective puts God in view in all of life, not just in the moments we set aside for worship or spiritual disciplines.  Not just in the moments when life seems easy.”  Henri Nouwen


Staring in the mirror, who do I see?

At first glance, it is simply a reflection of me.

As I peer closer, an added dimension appears.

My face reveals a culmination of my life through the years.

My eyes reflect back to me experiences of times past.

Those times that I’ve rushed through, and the ones I’d wanted to last.

What a contrast; how differently I see things now than I did before.

My life’s perspectives are always changing, and challenging me to do more.

Felecia R. Weber 2015,

One of my neighbors, and gracious admirer of my artwork, has commissioned me to do a graphite pencil drawing for her.  The image is a street scene which will require my using the technique of perspective, while sketching out the composition.  Perspectives can involve something as simple as verbalizing a single point of view.  When it comes to other things in life, however, they can be as complex as trying to represent the illusion of depth and distance on a flat sheet of paper.  Perspectives also carry another dimension with them.  For as the relationship between the items being focused upon change, so does the way we in which we view them.

Perspectives, whether used as a technique in drawing or as a way of analyzing life events, are interesting to say the least.  How do you approach things that require you to view them in more than one dimension?

Peace and love,


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Perspectives - My life's perspectives are always changing, and challenging me to do more.
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  1. festibrate

    I love your artwork, it really reflects the different perceptions people have in any given situation. It’s a critical stumbling block to effective communication.

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