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All I Ever Wanted

all I ever wanted

Photograph courtesy of Martin Watson

All I ever wanted – how can I describe it with words…

“Sometimes life fills you with the thing that you’ve longed for the most…when you finally have it, how is it that you ever lived without it?”  Felecia R. Weber

All I Ever Wanted

All I ever wanted;

How can I describe it with words?

You can’t capture the beautiful simplicity of a clear blue sky, and trap it inside a bottle…for it is too vast to be harnessed, it is the essence of freedom.

All I ever wanted;

What is it about finally having it that makes your life seem like someone suddenly unveiled the most exquisite painting…the kind that invites you to step right into its beckoning magnificence.

All I ever wanted;

It is an amazing thing that happens when what your heart craves is not simply a fleeting desire, not just a moment in time…rather, it is something that is so essential it becomes a part of you.

Felecia R. Weber 2016, OntheWingofaDove.com

When you receive the thing that you’ve longed for, when it unfolds before your very eyes…it shakes your world like a violent storm.  Yet the calmness, the peace, the wholeness that follows, is like the freshness of a dew soaked meadow…it waters your soul, continuously.

Peace and love,


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