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Getting Away

getting away

Photograph courtesy of David Brown

Getting away is something that we all need to do from time to time…

“I suppose that, if you should go to the end of the world, you would find somebody there going farther…”  Henry David Thoreau

Getting Away

Getting away can be one of the most enjoyable things.

It’s amazing the excitement that just the thought of it brings.

No matter where it is, a far off excursion, or lazing on the beach;

There’s just something about getting away and out of reach.

It can restore your well being, it can recharge your mind.

And like taking a journey, you never know what you may find.

Getting away can enhance your thinking, it can brighten your mood.

It has a way of satisfying a hunger, that hasn’t to do with food.

It is something that we all need, so my wish is for you,

That in getting away, you’ll get to rest, refresh and renew.

Felecia R. Weber 2015, OntheWingofaDove.com

Bon voyage!

Peace and love,


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Always Looking Up

Always looking up

Photograph courtesy of my nephew Zachary T. Weber

Always looking up literally gives me the lift that I need to accomplish what I have set out to do…

“Let us consider the way in which we live our lives.”  Henry David Thoreau

Always looking up – Have you ever considered how you actually live your life?  Are you always looking up? Or are you always looking down?  Of course, the majority of you will answer, “sometimes I look up and sometimes I look down”…and you are wise to do so.  My question however, goes a bit deeper than that.  For me, always looking up has more to do with my attitude about life rather than simply peering into a bright blue sky.  Although, a bright, sunlit sky can help motivate me to make more positive choices, no doubt.

It is interesting how looking upward, or taking a step forward for that matter, seems to signal positivity or expectancy of something good.  I’ve noticed that I often look up into space when I am concentrating on a particular thought or trying to focus my attention solely on one idea.  Whether I’ve dashed upstairs to get something, and forgotten what it was I went to retrieve once I’ve gotten their, or if I am trying to find the words to portray an idea in a post, looking up seems to lift me to a different level.  It is as though I am somehow transported to a place where I can clear my mind and find exactly what I am looking for.  Always looking up literally gives me the lift that I need to accomplish what I have set out to do no matter how large or small the task is.

When I am having one of those days where things seem to keep piling up and weighing me down, just bowing my head and caving in can be very tempting.  However, that will not keep things from continuing on their downward spiral.  In fact, they will likely bring me down even further.  When I am faced with such situations, I find that always looking up, to say a quiet prayer or to let out a desperate cry for help, puts me in the perfect posture to receive the help that I need, (which always comes from God above anyway).

I’ll ask the question again…going forward in life, how will you live, always looking up, or always looking down?  The answer may be challenging…may you soon realize, as I have, that always looking up is always best.

Peace and love,


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On Living Deeply

On Living Deeply

living deeplyA Quote to Carry You

June 22, 2015

“The universe is wider than our view of it.”  Henry David Thoreau

On living deeply – Summer has arrived, a whole new season has blossomed right before our eyes.  Isn’t it amazing how no matter what is going on in our daily lives, the cycle of nature silently revolves, uninterrupted and consistently.  Outside my den window right now, the trees are adorned with vibrant shades of green leaves swaying ever so gently in the mild breeze.  It is as though they are whispering a song of welcome to the new season.  In three short months time, those same branches will be splattered with hints of red and golden hues signaling that autumn is fast approaching.  Their leaves will surely rustle and clamor to a different tune by then.  I only hope that, like today, I will take the time to pause and receive the beautifully fascinating gift that God has created and bestowed upon us.

Living deeply, experiencing our world in the profound way that it deserves…can you imagine how much more valuable your own life would be if you do just that?

Peace and love,


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Words Cannot Express

Words cannot express

Photograph courtesy of Martin Watson

Words cannot express how I feel sometimes…

“I feel as if my life had grown more outward when I can express it.”  Henry David Thoreau

Words Cannot Express

Words cannot express how I feel sometimes.

Human emotions are so complex; they are difficult to define.

What seems to be the cause of so much joy one moment,

can cause heart-wrenching anguish the next.

How does one formulate that kind of flux into words?

Words cannot express what is missing from my heart sometimes.

Those times when I know there should be  something there,

but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is!

How does one explain what is unknown even to herself?

Words cannot express what I want to say sometimes.

They just don’t even scratch the surface of what’s going on inside of me.

How does one verbalize a pain so deep that it almost disappears because it’s unbearable?

Or when I’ve finally figured it out and my feet seem hardly to touch the ground;

how does one harness that energy long enough to translate to the world how fantastic it is?

Words cannot express who I truly am sometimes.

I am uniquely “me” just as God created me to be.

So do I really need to express myself in words? Is that even possible?

The answer has to be “no,” for words cannot fully express me…

but watch closely and you’ll know me by my actions…by how I live my life.

Felecia R. Weber 2015, OntheWingofaDove.com

“…it’s like I’ve crossed the proverbial line.  I’m not sure where I am going…all I know is that it is someplace deeper.”  Felecia R. Weber, OntheWingofaDove.com

Peace and love,


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On Nature

On Nature

on natureA Quote to Carry You

April 27, 2015

“There is a slumbering subterranean fire in nature which never goes out, and which no cold can chill.”  Henry David Thoreau (A Winter Walk)

On nature. There is something about our physical world that exudes a vibrancy that cannot be ignored.  Even when something in nature appears to be dead, like the cold, hard, rigid ground during the dead of winter, it eventually springs to life yielding a treasure trove of delight once warm temperatures begin to filter the air.  I liken the dramatic transformation of the earth when it transitions from winter into spring to what happens to us each night.  When we slumber, and fall off into a deep, restorative sleep, our bodies may appear to have stopped breathing as though we were dead.  However, beneath the surface of our skin, our internal organs are undergoing countless bodily processes that help to keep us strong, healthy, alive and well.  When we awaken we are filled with a fresh supply of energy…ready to start a brand new day.

As you live through your new day, may you take the time to enjoy the radiance of nature, and all that it has to offer.

Peace and love,


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A Quote to Carry You – September 2, 2013

a quote to carry youA Quote to Carry You

September 2, 2013


“Nothing was ever so unfamiliar and startling to a man as his own thoughts.” (Henry David Thoreau)

It is hard to fathom the rate at which the human mind can process information, how many thoughts we carry with us at any given moment.  It amazes me how many thoughts  a single word, or a solitary image can provoke; and all of the places they may lead you to.

May your thoughts today be blessed with all of the hope and richness that the promise of a new day offers.





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