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When We Cannot See

when we cannot see

Photograph courtesy of Lisa Richter

When we cannot see with our eyes, it is time to see with our hearts…

“The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy.”  Henry Ward Beecher

I often wonder what goes on around us unseen and unspoken. My thoughts have taken me to some unfamiliar places lately – sometimes it is as though the Lord has removed a veil that I had not been able to peer beyond before.  What He has shown me are things that were always there… I am just understanding them in a whole new light.

The photograph taken by my dear friend Lisa at Presque Isle State Park in our home town, inspired this poem. In a way, I believe the photograph depicts more of what my heart wants to say than my words do…

When We Cannot See

When we cannot see with our eyes,

What God is doing behind the scenes,

We can feel that something is happening,

But only in His timing will it be revealed.

When we cannot see

When days are murky like a rain-threatened sky;

Our vision is clouded by our daily affairs,

But when the skies brighten by the promise of the sun’s light,

Then we see with a clarity and joy…nothing is hidden and all is out in the open.

When we cannot see

We must be still and listen, taking in all that is around us.

Sometimes we observe more than what we’ve wanted;

And other times it is as though we are completely blind.

Rest assured, when we seek what God has placed before us,

We will see not with our eyes, but with our hearts…

And we will be filled.

Felecia R. Weber 2016, OntheWingofaDove.com

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him.”  1 Corinthians 2:9

Peace and love,




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There’s No Place Like Home

no place like home

“A Country Home Residence, possibly General Moreau’s Country House at Morrisville, Pennsylvania,” 1811-1813, Pavel Petrovich Svinn. Image from a page of the 2014 Desk Calendar, courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store


There’s no place like home…no matter how many times you return, no matter how things change…

Recently I had the opportunity, although unexpectedly, to make a trip back to my hometown.  It’s funny, because I was just thinking about how much I enjoy taking road trips, and my hometown of Erie, PA is about 6-7 hours away from my current home in New York state…depending on who’s driving that is!  Anyway, although the circumstance surrounding the reason for my trip there was not a pleasant one, the time I spent away was like a little sparkling jewel.  Indeed, there’s no place like home!

“When I think of home, I think of the place where I grew up…the place where my journey began.  When I return home for a visit, and leave again, it is like I am embarking on a whole new adventure.” Felecia R. Weber 2014, OntheWingofaDove.com

When I first stepped inside the door of my parents’ house, my senses were flooded with the smells, sounds, tastes, and feelings of the many years I’ve spent living there.  My eyes darted swiftly over the family photographs hanging on the family room wall.  I smiled and felt honored to see the many drawings and needlework displays that I painstakingly crafted long ago still decorating almost every room that I peered into.  I seemed to be energized just by the scent of the eternal pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen.  My mouth watered and my tastebuds were delighted as I treated myself to a piece of zucchini bread that my Dad had made…he uses my Grandmother’s recipe which makes it all the more special!

Since it was already evening when my Mom, Dad and I arrived from our day’s traveling, we just ate a light supper and visited a short while before turning in for the night.  I slept in my old bedroom which is adjacent to my parents’ room.  I chuckled to myself  thinking back to the nights that I had spent pecking away at the typewriter finishing up writing assignments for my college courses…I am certain that my parents were glad that the only writing I did that night was on my iPad, quietly!  Anyway, it was peaceful listening to the familiar night sounds of the house…they served as my lullaby as I dozed off into a deep, restful sleep.

I returned to New York the next day. I must admit, I was exhausted after having driven so many miles to and from my hometown all within about a 36 hour period; but I would not have traded in that little snippet of time for all the world.  Being back at home, going back to my  roots even for a brief while, it seems to have revitalized me.  Somehow, I have a deep sense of renewal and restoration; and I am ready to continue on in my life’s journey.  Upon returning from my trip, I joked with my husband saying, “I can’t believe I had to drive roughly 400 miles to get 9 solid hours of sleep!,”  but you know, sometimes it does take extreme measures to receive enriching treasures!

Wherever you go during the upcoming travel season, be it back to your own hometown or some far off land, may you be refreshed and return renewed.

Buona viaggio!



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