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On Wholeness

On Wholeness

wholenessA Quote to Carry You

February 22, 2016

“…Once a heart is shattered, it can never be the same.  One thing though, it can become better than it was before – it can become whole.”  Felecia R. Weber

On wholeness – The feeling of completion, to have accomplished whatever it is you’ve set out to do can be a most elating feeling.  What’s more is when you focus more on embarking on the journey rather than reaching your destination, what a marvelous adventure you have to enjoy.  Indeed, I believe wholeness, being full, lacking nothing, having all the parts…is a sort of a passage, a path which draws us from our emptiness to becoming complete.

I remember a few years ago, planning my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary trip to Italy for my late husband and me.  I’d never booked my own airline tickets prior to that, let alone plan an entire trip abroad.  Although the planning was painstaking at times, for I didn’t want any detail to be overlooked, our time away was flawlessly exquisite…we could not have asked for anything better, and we’d not want anything to have been different.  Now, my memories of our final trip together are more precious to me as the time between then and now grows.  They somehow become real when I need them to be…and I experience a sense of the wholeness we shared instead of the hollowness that I was left with when he passed.

That example only touches the surface of what wholeness truly is…but for me, it describes the principle of how one can travel from emptiness to wholeness…and how we go through that process determines the degree of completeness we attain.  For, once a heart is shattered, it can never be the same.  One thing though, it can become better than it was before – it can become whole.

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”  Psalm 37:4

Peace and love,


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I’ll Never Forget

never forgetI’ll never forget the gentle way in which you spoke my name, your voice was so soothing, like the cooing of a mourning dove.

“Your blessings are with him forever, and your presence fills him with joy.”  Psalm 21:6

I’ll Never Forget

(a tribute to the life of my late husband, Stephen Cullen Weber)

I’ll never forget that enchanting evening when we met,

how when I turned around and saw your smiling face; you asked me to dance.

You were so thoughtful and considerate; always thinking of me first.

Your light-hearted ways that made me laugh; how you comforted me when I cried.

I’ll never forget the day we were married; joined together “until death do us part.”

Oh, how special I felt when I first introduced you as “my husband.”

My love and respect for you grew more and more over the years.

Your integrity, your compassion, your diligence and determination;

be assured my love, they never went unnoticed.

I admire your unquestionable character still.

I’ll never forget the gentle way in which you spoke my name,

your voice was so soothing, like the cooing of a mourning dove.

Although your soft, brown eyes will never stare into my soul again,

they have said “I love you” to me so many times, that the words are engraved on my heart.

You have given me so much to remember, those memories will continue to fill my days.

Felecia R. Weber 2015, OntheWingofaDove.com

“My prayer is that you will always look to our Heavenly Father for His comfort and consolation, and that you will have a deep and abiding sense of His peace.”  Stephen Cullen Weber (from his last words to me)

Tomorrow will be the anniversary of my beloved’s passing.  It is hard to believe that it has been a year since I shared his last day with him.  Every time I think about my Stephen, which seems to be constantly, I can’t help but realize how deeply he has enriched and blessed my life.  There are so many things that I could write about my precious husband, indeed he was such a beautiful soul.  I’ll never forget the years that God has given us to live our lives together…whenever I recall them, they fill my heart with joy.

Continue to rest in peace my darling one.

never forget

My beloved husband, Stephen Cullen Weber, February 9, 1956 – August 13, 2014

Peace and love,


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Memories of the Past

Memories of the Past

“Memories,” photograph by Felecia R. Weber 2015, OntheWingofaDove.com

Memories of the Past

I Remember When

January 2015

“Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others.”  Rosa Parks

Memories of the past are interesting…two people can experience the exact same event at the same time, yet remember it completely differently.  Why is that?  Similarly, some people, like my late husband, have what can be described as a photographic memory.  They remember every detail about an occasion that happened years ago, while others can scarcely even remember that anything had ever happened at all.

It seems to me that memories of the past are different because people are different.  What we retain and commit to memory has a lot to do with who we are and how we view our world and others.  What we remember about a particular place in time can also be associated with a person, an object or current experience.  That phenomenon keeps ringing true to me when friends and loved ones express to me what they remember about my beloved Steve.

Many of his former colleagues remark time and again on how they remember Steve being a true example of what hard work and dedication is in the workplace.  His close friends often talk about how much they enjoyed conversing with him, especially because he had such a broad knowledge about so many topics.  His love for God and his devotion to serving Him is remembered by many through the constant witness to his faith that he lived.  Family members remember him as the son, brother, uncle, cousin and nephew whom they loved so dearly.

For me, my memories of the past about Steve are a little bit of all of the above wrapped into the most tender, caring and loving husband I could ever have.  Something else about those memories is that they seem to have the uncanny ability to keep him alive, in my heart at least…and for that I am grateful.

May your memories of the past stay alive in your heart too and become wonderful blessings to your present.

Peace and love,


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It Would Have Been

It would have been

Our wedding day, November 21, 1987…forever will I cherish that day and the many beautiful years that followed.

It would have been like all those precious moments we’ve lived together and shared through our special love.

It Would Have Been

It would have been so lovely to share our anniversary with you today.

I am sure you’d vividly recall how we spent each one, over the years, along the way.

It would have been such a joy for me to see you in your favorite black sweater.

My sweet husband smiling at me through candlelight…my, nothing could be better.

It would have been such a thrill for me to be held tightly in your arms.

To hear you whisper, “I love you” to me; words written on our hearts like sparkling, silver charms.

It would have been like all those precious moments we’ve lived together and shared through our special love.

Although I’ll never get to be with you again here on earth…I am full of hope, my dear, sweet one, that we’ll join each other in heaven above.

Felecia R. Weber 2014, OntheWingofaDove.com

I dedicate this poem to my precious, late husband, Stephen Cullen Weber.  He made my life so full and complete over the almost 27 years we’ve shared in marriage.  I cannot express fully with words what joy, contentedness and honor I’ve had the privilege to experience during that time.  I was given so much and I am so grateful for that.  Going forward I can only promise that I will do all that I can to share what I have now, with those around me whom I love so much.

Peace and love,



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