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On Trials

On Trials

on trialsA Quote to Carry You

August 31, 2015

“Trials have a way of wearing us down until only the purest, most valuable qualities within us shine.” Felecia R. Weber, OntheWingofaDove.com

On trials – It is interesting how a conversation that I had with my dear friends this morning about the medieval sport of jousting, and later reading a comment about knights in shining armor, made me think about trials.  I suppose it wasn’t so much about trials, as what they are capable of producing.  Trials have a way of wearing us down until only the purest, and most valuable qualities within us shine.

Thinking more deeply about the transforming nature of trials, brought to mind the task of polishing silver.  Although it seems old-fashioned, and it is something that I rarely do, taking a tarnished metal object and turning it into a shiny treasure certainly illustrates what enduring and coming through a difficulty can do to an individual.  Similar to the darkened hue that tarnishes a few antique serving pieces that I polish and display for special holidays, going through a difficulty can bring a hidden ugliness or negativity that resides deep in inside the heart fast to the surface.

I’ve heard it said once that you can discern a lot about a person when they stub their toe, or when the hammer accidentally comes crashing down on their thumb, rather than the nail.  Sometimes what leaps out of a person’s mouth in an intensely painful moment isn’t very pretty. It isn’t until the pain subsides and healing begins, that the beauty of realizing that things could have been worse, or an unexpected act of kindness was shown that made the situation so much better radiates from us.  When I’ve faced times of trials, I often find that I’ve experienced so many blessings through those dark times, that I seem to shine more brightly during those particular times than any others in my life.

When you enter into times of trials, may your luster not be dulled for long…and may the beauty that comes out of those trials cause you to shine more brightly than ever before.

Peace and love,


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On Intimacy

On Intimacy

leisureA Quote to Carry You

June 8, 2015

“Sometimes the only way the good Lord can get into some hearts is to break them.” Fulton J. Sheen

On intimacy…By definition, intimacy is a relationship marked by acquaintance or familiarity.  It is something essential, innermost, personal and private.   It is the foundation upon which close friends can build a lifetime of shared experiences.  Intimacy has a way of touching our hearts so profoundly that it can be one of the most valuable treasures that life can offer us.

Although having an intimate relationship with another is a most wonderful thing, it is not an inseparable one.  Be it by death or some other circumstance, it can end whether we want it to or not.  When the bonds of intimacy between individuals are broken, we needn’t despair.  When it comes to true intimacy, which I personally describe as being the deepest and purest love that anyone can ever experience, God is the answer, for his love is complete.  Having created us, he knows every intricate detail about each of us.  He is faithful and promises to never leave nor forsake us.  He knows how to fulfill our heart’s desire, and he longs to do just that…forever,  I can’t think of a better example of intimacy than that, can you?

Peace and love,


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Time Away

Time awayTime away is a luxury for many; but its true value cannot be determined…

“Oh that I had the wings of a dove; I’d fly away and be at rest.”  Psalm 55:6

Time away can prove to be an invaluable experience, especially when it surrounds you with beauty.  I recently got the chance to spend a most delightful time at The Vanderbilt Mansion and Italian Gardens in Hyde Park, NY with my dear friends Lisa and Walt Richter.  The site is only about an hour’s drive from my home, but it seemed we were thousands of miles away.  Having worked up a bit of an appetite once we arrived, our time away commenced with a picnic  on the vast, manicured grounds.  The weather could not have been more comfortable, and the magnificent views of  The Hudson River Valley were absolutely stunning.

Time awayTouring the opulent mansion felt like traveling back to an era of long ago, while the gardens lured us along fragrant and timeless paths.  I was truly surprised that time had ticked away so quickly as we explored the sites and enjoyed our time away.  To commemorate this particular escape, I purchased a souvenir at the gift shop…a rustic looking paperweight in the shape of a snail.  The little trinket will be a reminder to me of what treasures can be found and experienced when I stop and take some time away.

Time awayTime Away

(a poem about being away…and being at rest)

Time away doesn’t need to be far…

but it should be a memorable experience.

It doesn’t need to be painstakingly planned…

but it should be rich in pleasure.

Time away is a luxury for many…

but its value cannot truly be determined.

Until you go, whether far or near…

you’ll never reap all that time away has in store.

Poem and photographs by Felecia R. Weber 2015, OntheWingofaDove.com

Time awayMay you set aside some time to get away, no matter how far it is…and may you try to do it often.  Enjoy!

Peace and love,


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Old Things Become New

old things become new

Photograph courtesy of Martin Watson

Old things become new when we allow them to grow.  If we keep them in the past, what they can become, we’ll never know.

“No one sews a patch of un-shrunk cloth on an old garment. If they do, the new piece will pull away from the old, making the tear worse.  And people do not pour new wine into old wineskins.   If they do, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined.  No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.”  Mark 21:22

Old Things Become New

Old things become new

when we allow them to grow.

If we keep them in the past,

what they can become, we’ll never know.

Old things become new

not always by what we do.

When you yield your life to God,

it’s amazing how He’ll transform you.

Let not your fear, nor your pride,

nor old ways of living hold you back.

For God is good and His love is sure,

trusting in Him, nothing at all will you lack.

Old things become new,

I challenge you to let go.

For your heart needs to be emptied,

so in it His treasures can truly overflow.

Felecia R. Weber 2014, OntheWingofaDove.com

We place an immeasurable value on the things that fill our lives.  However, they don’t always prove their worth.  I wonder what would happen if we really did let go of those things…and prepare for what could become new.

Peace and love,



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All That I Need

All that I need

Photograph courtesy of Martin Watson


All that I need is something that I have finally realized that I have had all along.

“I have the greatest of all riches: that of not desiring them.” Eleonora Duse

We all long for something.  Be it a tangible item or something that only the human heart can give…we all long for something.  We won’t rest until we get what we want, even when we can’t quite describe what it is.  Does that make sense?  It does to me. In fact, I have finally realized that what I have been longing for is something that I have had all along…I have all that I need.

All That I Need

It is not what surrounds me on the outside,

those things will come and go.

It is not some whim that suits me,

for they’ll surely vanish quickly I know.

It is not the things that I can buy,

for they get used up in a hurry.

It is not the treasures of this earth,

for they very often cause me to worry.

It is something intangible yet so real,

and it will never fade nor decay.

It is what fills my heart no matter what,

it is what keeps me from going astray.

It is God’s love…that is all I need,

He freely gives it to me at no cost.

It feeds me, it clothes me, it fills me up,

it satisfies me and with it I will never be lost.

With the love He provides, I need not search,

for it is unending and inexhaustible indeed.

No riches on earth can match what His love gives,

Yes, in Him I have all that I need.

Felecia R. Weber 2014, OntheWingofaDove.com

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”  Psalm 73:26

May the love of God surround you and keep you abundantly full all of your days.

Peace and love,


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Let the Day Unfold

let the day unfold

“Today,” photograph by Marilyn Hill


Let the day unfold – each new day is full of wonder.

Each new day is full of wonder; no two are exactly alike.  A while back when I had the rare opportunity to sit down and reflect on things, I thought about how precious each day is.  We cannot know what is inside each one until we let the day unfold and live it.

Following are some thoughts on just that.  Come along with me and let the day unfold…

Imagine…a new day has just rolled over the horizon.  The sun tickles your eyelids until they give in and open wide.  Suddenly streams of yellow rays spill over the soft blue sky; a celebration!  Night has given way to the brilliance of the morning!

All of nature starts to come alive after a night’s slumber.  The fluttering chirps of the early birds fill the air; a sound that is so much nicer to wake up to than the alarm clock.  Soon it becomes a melody sung by a full chorus in flight and it beckons you to peer out of the open window to find out what they are singing about.

Breathing deeply, you take in the freshness of the morning deep into your lungs. Now your whole body is ready to face whatever it is the day has in store for you.  Your senses tingle at the excitement of what lies ahead.  Certainly there are the normal tasks that you expect to fulfill, but what about the treasures that are tucked away just waiting for you to discover them?  As each hour offers its precious gift of seconds and minutes to you…don’t let them tick by without making the best of each one!

When you’ve come to the end of the day’s journey, what will you do with the remnants of your adventure?  Share them with your family over dinner; write them down and savor the details of your favorite parts?  Whichever way you chose to end today, just remember another day is right around the corner…like a beautiful carpet wound up at the top of the stairs…ready to unroll and color each step of tomorrow.

A happy day to you!


Let the day unfold

“Marilyn & Me” (at my birthday dinner). I dedicate this post to my dearest friend and Godmother, Marilyn Hill. Her love and encouragement, her constant thoughtfulness and caring for me was the inspiration for this post.


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